8,600.00 EGP

Yale Z-wave Smart Lock

  • Easy to Use, Install mounting system & Programing
  • Stand-alone illuminated Push Button Keypad Locking Device
  • Works with all US frequency Z-wave gateways
  • For Use On All Standard Interior and Exterior Doors
  • 250 Users with Z-Wave wireless
  • Touchscreen -Tri-lingual in English, Spanish, French


As any home technology junkie knows, remote control and automation is the ultimate home experience. We’re use to controlling our TV with the remote. With this Z-Wave lock, you can remotely control access to your home with a few clicks on your smart phone or PC. Imagine monitoring what time the kids come home when you’re catching a movie. Imagine checking to see if your front door, door to gararge, or back door is unlocked, and locking your entire house down remotely from your Blackberry or iPhone.

You could do this when you’re at work, away on business, at the mall, or on vacation. That’s why people are talking as though it’s quite possibly the world’s best remote control home door lock. Not only do you get the convenience of keyless entry, when you integrate this wireless door lock into a Z-Wave home automation system, you can operate the lock remotely.

         Easy Installation

Installs in minutes with a screw driver.

Fits on standard doors.

        Multiple User Codes

Add and delete up to 250 user codes.

Each member of the family can have their own user code.

        Customized Features

All Code Lock Out Mode

Language Settings

Volume Settings

         Door Specs

2 1/8″ Face Bore, 1″ Edge Bore, 2 3/8″ Backset; Includes Adjustable Latch: 2 3/8″, Latch Front: RC (Round Corner); Strike: 2 1/4″ Full Lip, Strike Front: RC (Round Corner), and can be installed on doors with a Door Thickness: 1 3/8″ to 1 3/4″.


User Manual

Additional information

Weight2.267 kg
Dimensions15.7 × 7 × 3.8 cm


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