3,350.00 EGP

ECEEN Solar Backpack

• 18″ Backpack

• 3.5W Solar Panel

• 1600 mah lithium ion battery

• USB cable

• Red Camo


Solar Energy at your fingertips.

The ECEEN solar backpack is an ideal small trip or travel day pack, or for riding a bike. The perfect size for use as an under seat bag during your flight. Take it to work for use on your lunch break or whilst getting to/from work. It folds up into a compact carry pouch therefore it will take little room or weight in your main back pack.

The 3.5 Watts solar panel that is removed from main packs, 22% high efficiency transfer solar cells in a protective non scratch hardened coating into high-wear PVC fabric for hard weather.

The ECEEN Solar Backpack captures more sunlight than accepted solar panels therefore it results in more power per panel.
It goes directly into a large-capacity water proof emergency power bank battery pack that’s rated at 10,000mAh. All the absorbed solar energy is automatically converted and is safely stored for later use.
It can store energy for use at night, so you don’t need to worry your devices running out of power once the sun goes down.
The removable and compact size solar panel charger are portability – just hang it on the solar backpack when outdoors. Convenient clips make securing the solar panels to the backpack a snap.

Additional information

Weight1.49 kg
Dimensions51.4 × 22 × 39.1 cm


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