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First Alert Smoke Sensor

• Z-wave compatible smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

• Wireless connection to z-wave hub (not included)

• Reliable electrochemical co and photoelectric smoke sensors

• Features single button test/Silence and side-access battery drawer

• Meets UL standards and backed by 7 year limited warranty

• Certified for use with all US frequency Z-wave gateways

• Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide protection that alerts you whether you are home or away

• Photoelectric smoke sensor helps reduce false alarms such as from cooking or shower steam


The First Alert smoke sensor is a z-wave protocol smoke and carbon monoxide combination alarm. This battery operated alarm will operate with 3Rd party, certified z-wave Devices enabled with the First Alert protocol and the basic Command class required by all z-wave Devices. By the requirements of the device class Spec, this Command class does not have to be mapped to any particular functionality for this device. The alarm supports one association group with up to 1 node, and sends its alarms to that group



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Weight0.31 kg
Dimensions20.3 × 17.7 × 6.3 cm


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