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Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

  • Detect closing and opening of any door, window or garage doors. It can also be paired with DS18B20 to input temperature sensor.
  • Automatically trigger pre-programmed scenes when the sensor detects opening/closing. (may require compatible controller)
  • Works with all European frequency Z-wave gateways
  • Smallest unit of this type available on the market. Its extremely lightweight and thin design makes it almost invisible on any door/window.
  • Available in seven colors. Select the best color match to your home interior designs and enjoy the undisturbed beauty, security and comfort.
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified Sensor with enhanced features such as longer battery life and better range: ZC10-16025002.


The Fibaro Door/Window Sensor is a battery-powered Z-Wave reed sensor. The sensor expands the capabilities of your smart home by monitoring the opening of doors, windows and garage doors. It can also be used in automatic light control, access control and property protection systems. Installation of the Door/Window Sensor in your home increases the safety and comfort of its inhabitants. It also eliminates the risk of high fees for heating or air conditioning. In addition, the module can be equipped with a temperature sensor, and use the built-in binary input. The Fibaro Door/Window Sensor is compatible with many Z-Wave smart hubs such as Home Center 2 and Lite, SmartThings, Home Seer, Vera, Clare Controls, and Nexia.

Additional information

Weight0.59 kg
Dimensions1.9 × 7.3 × 2.8 cm


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