Since there is no place like home, Air-Gadgets strives to make homes and houses smarter to live in. With the progress in technology, one can easily control certain aspects of the home without having a complete automation system. Our range of cool home gadgets coupled with new technology will help transform your home to a more secured, more fun and a much smarter one.


The control of climate and mood are a must for any smart homes. With our smart and wireless climate devices in home gadgets. You will have the power to control and see not just the lighting in your home and office. But also your air cooler as well as other types of power-supplied devices.

Our home gadgets has grown climate control due to the use of wireless technology. Which as a result has helped to increase the levels of comfort in the home. Our climate devices have also improved power savings in the home therefore lowering the cost of energy bills.



Make use of our range of entertainment home gadgets and products to control your most liked music and films. Our entertainment home gadgets and products consists of smart streaming boxes and high-powered wireless speakers.
Our devices uses wireless technology to change your home into a high end center for you and your family.
You will be able to control and see the home gadgets smart devices through a remote control. Our smart devices rely on simple and low-power radio waves which travel through walls. Therefore not blocking other wireless devices in your home.


With our wireless security home gadgets and products. You can easily change your home and office into a more secured one without any more wires. It's now easier to see your home and create a safer area for you and your family.

Our wireless cameras and smart locks give you total access your house no matter where you are. Air-Gadgets aims to be your trusted security home gadgets and products.

You can control your cameras and smart locks from your smart phone. Also you can get alerts of movements or other security-related issues in your home.


Bring your home up to date with our wide range of appliances home gadgets and products. Therefore keeping your activities in your home more enjoyable and fun-filled.

Change your home into a smart one by setting a timed event and creating actions while you are away.

Its easy to control your devices from your smart phones, tablets as well as any wireless remote controls. You can pick up your smart phone and control your devices and save electricity.


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