Smart Home Automation

Smart Home automation gives you access to manage devices and lights in your home from a mobile device anywhere.

Home Automation is the ability to add and schedule events for the devices on the network. The scene includes time-related commands, hence having your lights turn on or off at a given time each day. It can also include non-scheduled events. Such as turning on all the lights in your home when your alarm system is on.

Once you start to know the actions of home automation and making scenes. You can come up with any number of useful and creative solutions to make your home a smart home.

We offer the latest in Smart Home Automation. Adding the new "Z-Wave" features which has proven to be more easier than wired home automation systems.


In any Smart home, controllers act as the brain and the link between devices of the smart home automation system. They are the center of the smart home and they control the automation scenes in the home. They store all the data for your devices as well as scenes.

We offer the latest Z-Wave controllers that will enhance your experience with our home automation products and make your home a smart one. Our high quality Z-Wave controllers will give you control over all devices, lighting system and security system at your hands. while you can control them using your smart device.


Your smart home will give you full control over your home's lighting any time and anywhere. You will be able to manage your home lighting, control single lights in different parts of your smart home. With just your smart phone or tablet.

You can apply these scenes and actions without any effort. Whether you're in bed, in your car or while you are chilling by the pool on a vacation.

Without any effort control your smart home lights for added security and energy status. Our Z-Wave lighting products are easy to install and not expensive.

Air Conditioning

By adding a z-wave device to your air conditioning system therefore adding your old AC to your smart home. You will be able to use your smart phone to have total control and automate your smart home temperature.

You will receive a notification when the temperature in your smart home gets low or high on your smart phone. This will keep your pets and plants comfortable while you are away. Now, finally, you will be able to have a comfortable living in your smart home.

Door Locks

With our range of automated and smart locks. You will be able to remotely and easily lock or unlock and check the status of your door.

With a smart lock and a smart home automation system. Your home will be more secured since you can easily set a single entry code for a visitor. You will get a notification through email and text message when your door change status.


Being able to watch the home is a major part of any security system and any smart home. Explore our wide range of cameras that will fit your security and automation needs

You can rotate, record and also capture pictures from your security cameras. Your Z-Wave camera can also record at a specific time. You can also use it for automatic capture a picture when it detects any motion.

Alarms & Sensors

Your home can now be a smart home with alarms and sensors. To be triggers for your favorite scene and actions when you enter your room. In addition they can be an extra layer of security to your smart home. Now, finally your smart home will notify you by sending you alerts about security events taking place in your home.

Your smart home will be on guard and waiting for you. By telling you when there is a water leak or any sudden changes in temperature is sensed.

Power Outlets

Be in control of any wall plug powered device as a result of the Z-wave wall plugs. Control your coffee maker, TV, fan and many more in your smart home. Just plug the device to the Z-wave plug and you are good to go. Add your appliances to your smart home network and make them be a part of your automation scene. 


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